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Modern Harmony Course


Online course with Idan Zion

Let's EVOLVE Your Music

Course Material

Image by Jefferson Santos

Major and Minor Tonality

Let's dive together into the world of harmony.

We will learn techniques in composing and reharmonizing.

We will get to know harmonic functions, degrees and substitutions, extended and rich modes and chords will be widely used.

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

Advanced Reharm Techniques

Harmony of the 21st century.

We will learn advanced compositional techniques, extensive use of extended chords, borrowing and mixing scales, from the worlds of modern jazz, funk, RnB and soul.

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Modal Harmony

Techniques in mode-based composition.

We will use modes to create harmony with character that comes from world music, film music, rock and modal jazz.

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Students' Experience


Ori Abu

Singer-Songwriter, Producer

I studied with Idan several lessons after I had already taken a course in modern harmony, but I still had gaps in several subjects. Idan patiently and with great attention made sure to fill in all the gaps and also refine other topics, and all this in a clear and detailed manner so that there is no chance that I will not understand. He took concepts that seemed complicated to me and likened them to other worlds, and thanks to him I really understood harmony and I didn't have to just memorize it. 
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