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Born in 1996, in Israel.

Started playing the guitar at the age of 14, and the piano at the age of 15.

Driven by his passion for music, Idan enrolled in the renowned Rimon School of Music, specializing in jazz guitar, composition, arranging, and producing.

During his studies, Idan kept participating in playing and producing major music events (London In TLV, Funk Party) and shared the stage with many Israeli artists and abroad with the Caravan Orchestra.

As an arranger, Idan's wrote numerous arrangements for many artists, in a wide variety of genres, among them are the acapella group "Total Vocal" and the project of "Amir and the Frenchmen".

In 2019, Idan joined the faculty at Rimon School of Music and since then, he has been teaching Music theory, Ear training, Arranging and Jazz Harmony.


As it has been a huge passion for Idan to teach and help fellow musicians develop their skills, this role has allowed Idan to combine his expertise with his desire to guide and nurture aspiring musicians. Idan has since become a trusted mentor, guiding students through their musical education and development.

In 2023, he published his first book, "Music - Art and Craft", on the subject of musical theory, and is currently used as the official book at "Rimon School of Music" for musical theory studies.

Being an all-around musician, Idan has expanded his artistic horizons to encompass a diverse range of roles. Idan has become a highly sought after arranger, producer and guitar player, working with many artists.

These days, Idan is working on productions, arrangements, recordings, mixes and finishing the work on his first album which will be released in 2023.

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